TWIC 026

026: Hip Tanaka, 8bit BEtty, bryface

New albums tonight from Ubiktune, 8bit bEtty and James Primate, singles from Nintendo’s Hip Tanaka, Aeros, FantomenK, Misfit Chris, and PICE. Remixes from Malmen and myself. Remember to support the artists featured on this show by visiting the links below!

Misfit Chris – Jungle Platformer
Aeros – Intro (Dj CUTMAN Edit)
8bit bEtty – Try As I Might
bryface – Rich Bastard Groove
James Primate – Bakemono
8bit bEtty – Everything Changes (prelude)
8bit bEtty – The Hedgehog’s Dilemma (Dj CUTMAN 100bpm edit)
PICE – The Good
Hip Tanaka – Dedicated To Hiroshi Yamauchi 01
8bit bEtty – The MTA
Aeros – Icarus
bryface – seaport
bryface – disk 3 of 977
FantomenK – A Tiny Spaceship’s Final Mission
Girls Aloud – Call The Shots (Malmen Remix)
Hip Tanaka – Dedicated To Hiroshi Yamauchi 02

– – LINKS – –…ace-various-topics
Piceon – Pice-the-good-original-mix…final-mission…n-apocalypse
Misfitchrisgamedemos – Jungle-platformer
Malmen-1 – Girls-aloud-call-the-shots