TWIC 027

027: Chibi-Tech, DJ Master Kohta, PICE, Tri Angles

October 2nd, 2013, Some awesome new chiptunes from Japan, the incredible new album from Chibi-Tech and new EP from DJ Master Kohta (CheapBeats)! We’ve also got some chill vibes from PICE and Tri Angles.


chibi-tech – Pheromone OVERDOSAGE
chibi-tech – Love is Insecurable
PICE – Astronaut
PICE – For The Love Of Chip
Tri Angles – NOWHERE (ft. Karle Moulden)
chibi-tech – Love is Insecurable (DJ Bouche’s Secured Infatuation Mix)
chibi-tech – Moe Moe Kyunstep (PART I – 萌え -)
chibi-tech – お兄ちゃんだからいいよ~♪
DJ Master Kohta – Bhangla whisper
chibi-tech – Brosef COMPLEX
chibi-tech – Classified PRIVATES
DJ Master Kohta – Wild8bit miii remix
PICE – Back in The Day
chibi-tech – Hardcore TERRORISTS

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