TWIC 043

043: Monodeer, Sabrepulse, Kola Kid

New music by Monodeer off of Cheap Beats, Sabrepulse releases his 2006 classic ChipBreak Wars on bandcamp, and new EPs by Kola Kid, Kimotimo and meganeko.

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Dj CUTMAN – Sabrepulse Mashup (from Chiptopia)
Sabrepulse – Twin Chevron Action Flash (Tour Remix)
Kimotimo – Don’t know
Kimotimo – Yakusoku
meganeko – Super Gamer Girl 3D
Kola Kid – cake
monodeer – WOOP
monodeer – 4XAA
Kola Kid – webpunk
Sabrepulse – Party Bomb!
Sabrepulse – Double K.O
monodeer – JUKEBOXXX
monodeer – TRP.AM
monodeer – MNMLSTNCH
Kola Kid – ashtray
Toni Leys – One Foot on the Other Side
VRUMZSSSR – Personal (BalloonBear – foreve online)
Sabrepulse – Skyfire Ace

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