TWiC 065: Benjamin Briggs, Bright Primate, Mr. Spastic, Samuel Baker, Chipocrite

065: Benjamin Briggs, Bright Primate, Mr. Spastic

June 25th, 2014 – We open with a remix of the new Anamanaguchi song “Pop it” by ABSRDST, hear some new video game music by Ben Briggs and Samuel Baker, new songs by Bright Primate, Chipocrite, L-Tron provided by 8bitpeoples, Telefuture, and Cheap Beats.

Anamanaguchi – Pop It  (ABSRDST remix)
Benjamin Briggs – Victory!
Benjamin Briggs -Green Peaks
Benjamin Briggs -Sunset City
Benjamin Briggs -Red Caves
Mr. Spastic – Sinking Lifeguard Dub
Mr. Spastic -Testosterone
Mr. Spastic -Idiot Maker
Masikus – Sector Z³
Robots At A Rave – このパーティーは迷惑になります
Robots At A Rave – お酒をたくさん飲まないで下さい [Album Version]
Robots At A Rave – トイレ休み
Samuel Baker – East Wing II
Samuel Baker – Earthrise
Samuel Baker – Flow
Samuel Baker – Vector
Bright Primate – Energize
Bright Primate – Soft Promises (Rolly Mingwald Remix)
Chipocrite – Little Computer People
L-Tron – User Error ( Dj CUTMAN WIP )

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