TWiC 096: Nest HQ, Tappy, Space Town Savior, Glenntai

096: Nest HQ, Tappy, Space Town Savior, Glenntai

Tonight we hear The Best of Keygen Music, a collection from NEST HQ, sister netlabel to skrillex’s imprint OWSLA. The comp was put together by Writer/Producer Fan Fiction with the help of C-Jeff, the founder of Ubiktune. We’ll also hear expansive, progressive chipmusic from Space Town Savior (Monobomb Records), new music from Tappy (Cheap Beats) and the new full-length from Glenntai.

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An0va vs Invalids – Under Da C
Glenntai – Since We Last Left Our Hero…
Glenntai – Bittersweet Advancement (Kommisar Aniki Slayer Remix)
Tappy – Kiss Deficiency (X68k)
Tappy – Bimetallic (FC, X68k, MSX)
Tappy – Shallot (FC)
Tappy – Cold-nsf (FC)
Space Town Savior – Open
Space Town Savior – Transmissions, Part I
Space Town Savior – Nebulae
Space Town Savior – Iridescence
Quazar – Funky Stars
cerror – n-gen#02
Drax – Building Up and Down
Radix – Rainy Summerdays
instant_remedy – giana sisters
Soft Maniac – Barbie
lesnik – _ninety degrees
Bzl – hiscore theme
Zimbolt – Meteor Blaze!
Dj CUTMAN – The Checkered Green Yonder