TWiC 097: Meganeko, Chipmusic Heroes, Toy Company, Russellian

097: Meganeko, Chipmusic Heroes, Toy Company, Russellian

Incredible new Chiptune EDM from Meganeko, new compilations from Toy Company and Chipmusic Heroes, and a single from The Mineral Kingdom. We’ll also hear the debut EP from Russellian, hot off of Smoking Mirrors, a label and production studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Meganeko – Ready
Meganeko – 2k9 Battle Jam
Meganeko – Slime Boy Color
Meganeko – Milkshake
Meganeko – Nothing Happened
JIMJUM – Audiate The End
JIMJUM – Whiplash
mr.lenix & JIMJUM – Wumpa!
Das Mörtal – Hotline Miami II (Chiptune version)
Xyno – XyNo à la plage
Jaykol – Smooth Jazz
The Mineral Kingdom – Quintation
Procyon Lotor – It’s a Chase!
Russellian – Everything’s Beginning
Tri Angles – URAEUS
Tri Angles – NODE ZERO
Russellian – A Single Point
Laffe the Fox – Hopes Down Low
Same Type Attack Bonus – Electronic Eyes
Azuria Sky – Secure