TWiC 106: MmcM (Ubiktune), Mykah, Slime Girls

106: MmcM (Ubiktune), Mykah, Slime Girls

Tonight we hear an incredible album from MmcM made with the ZX Spectrum, a home computer released in the UK in the 80’s. He’s been producing chipmusic in Russia for over a decade, and this is first release with Chip-label Ubiktune. We also hear the new EP from Mykah, Chiba City Blues, inspired by the sights and sounds of Chiba Prefecture in Tokyo, Japan. Singles from DJ Super Sonic, Electric Children, Graz, Russellian, and Wizars.

DJ Super Sonic – Bloody Twerks Simon’s Turnt (Castlevania)
Electric Children – Menteuse
Mykah – 1984
Mykah – Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Mykah – Chiba City Blues
Slime Girls – Lonely Planet Girl
MmcM – Offence
MmcM – Mad Men
MmcM – Al-ya Trance
MmcM – Seeing
MmcM – Bugs In My Mind
MmcM – Mentbi
MmcM – Changeability
Russellian – Forbidden Technology
Wizwars – Thrash City
Graz – Famicom Soundbwoy
Electric Children – FYJK
Slime Girls – Lonely Planet Girl [clover & sealife graduation mix]