TWiC 111: C-jeff, GameChops, Laffe The Fox, Dollfin

111: C-jeff, GameChops, Laffe The Fox, Dollfin

We’ll hear great new music tonight from Hyper Potions and Subtact off Monstercat, Chipzel’s new release from DataAirlines, new music from Dollfin (Kawaii 8bit), Laffe the Fox, and the new GameChops Splatoon remix album, Splatunes!

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Hyper Potions – Adventures
Chipzel – Only Human (Trey Frey Remix)
C-jeff – Lonely Soul
C-jeff – My Mind is Free
Chipzel – Only Human (7″ Edit)
Dollfin – To The Surface
Ben Briggs – Stay Fresh!
Protodome – I Want You In My Bedroom (PH Bootleg)
Will & Tim – Dragon Roost Island
USK – I Am A Fuckoka Raver (Mykah Remix)
Ralfington – Squid Girls!
Dollfin – Atlantis
C-jeff – Night Vision
Laffe The Fox – Extreme Krocket (feat. Rymdkraft)
Laffe The Fox – Dancing to Bullets (Alternate Version)
Laffe The Fox – Breaks are Hard to Catch
Mega Flare – Octoling Assault!
Laffe The Fox – Heaven for Monsters
C-jeff – Still Flying