This Week in Chiptune is a listener supported podcast.

patreon220TWiC would not be possible without support through Patreon. Patreon is an incredible site that gives the audience an opportunity to directly support creative projects and creative people. TWiC is funded thanks to Dj CUTMAN’s Patreon Campaign

Pledge an amount of your choosing to become a Patron. Your pledge will be made for each a new episode of TWiC. If Cutman takes a week off, Patrons get the week off too. Pledges support essential aspects of the show, like bandwidth and music, and Patrons are rewarded with downloadable After Parties and more. → TWiC’s Patreon Campaign.

twitch-logo-blackThere are other ways to support Dj CUTMAN and This Week in Chiptune. You can make real-time Twitch Donations, which are secure and instant, thanks to PayPal. Twitch donations are a convenient way to support Dj CUTMAN and on-going episodes of TWiC. → Donate via Twitch

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A weekly mix of Chiptune, 8-Bit and Internet Music, hosted by Dj CUTMAN