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183: Mega-Sized Chiptune, Gaming & EDM Mix

An extended episode of new and unreleased music from GameChops, new singles from Jozu, a new compilation from Cheapbeats and a whole lot more!

I’m taking a break for the month of April to move to a new place, and there will be no new episodes of TWiC for April 2017. Wwhile I’m gone, head over to the TWiC YouTUbe or website and enjoy our massive back catalog. If you’re on YouTube, hit those Like and Share buttons on your favorite episodes, it really does help! The show will return with a new schedule, Saturdays at 4PM EDT, starting on May 6th.

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180: Future Bass & Future Funk

An eclectic set of future bass, future funk, game music and more! Trying out an experimental new camera, so check out the youtube version!

00:00 – Snail’s House – Pixel Galaxy
03:25 – Hyper Potions – Surf
07:00 – Tokyo Elvis, GameChops – Able Sisters (Grimecraft Remix)
10:20 – CG5 – Breath of the Wild
12:30 – MACROSS 82-99 – Cherry (w Night Tempo, ft Punipunidenki)
15:57 – MACROSS 82-99 – Have Hope
18:18 – CG5 – Sonic Mania Mirage Saloon Remix
21:14 – Pete Ellison – Brunch My Body (feat. Cyber Diva)
23:57 – Mykah – Can’t Be Saved
27:06 – Mykah – Medellan
29:19 – Mykah – Endless Cycle
33:09 – Snail’s House – Adventure
38:13 – Pete Ellison – Let’s Exorcise!
41:10 – Game Genie Sokolov – Down Under Zone
44:18 – Game Genie Sokolov – Jupiter Base
47:37 – Maxo – Water Champ
51:08 – Tenkitsune – Little Fox Adventure (Feat. Jenny)
56:33 – Rainbowdragoneyes – Sakkijarven Polkka

– – ALBUMS – –

– – SINGLES – –
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq9HF7D9MRY (Hyper Potions)

130 Post-Guch Happy Hardcore Chip Punk

Post-Guch, a term I affectionately use to describe chiptune music in a pop-punk format. It’s a style pioneered by the group Anamanaguchi, and tonight’s tunes are from Slime Girls and Melt Channel. We will also hear tracks of J-NERATION 3, a Japanese happy hardcore EDM compilation, along with tracks from Smooth McGroove Remixed (GameChops) and the new EP from Dream Eater (Pterodactyl Squad)

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TWiC122: NoCopyright Sounds, Monstercat, Ninety9Lives, GameChops

A dance music episode dedicated to progressive internet record labels, NoCopyrightSounds, Monstercat, Ninety9Lives, and GameChops.

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111: C-jeff, GameChops, Laffe The Fox, Dollfin

We’ll hear great new music tonight from Hyper Potions and Subtact off Monstercat, Chipzel’s new release from DataAirlines, new music from Dollfin (Kawaii 8bit), Laffe the Fox, and the new GameChops Splatoon remix album, Splatunes!

Watch Live ► http://twitch.tv/djcutman
Support on Patreon ► http://patreon.com/djcutman

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104: Ultrasyd, Sabrepulse, A_Rival, Glenntai, She

An epic show of chiptune dance music! New albums from A_Rival and Tiasu, remix albums from Sabrepulse and Glenntai, a new EP from She, and a new track from Monstercat artists Kevin Villecco & Sushi Killer, now known as Hyper Potions!

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