About TWiC

This Week In Chiptune is a weekly live stream and podcast of new and noteworthy Chiptune music hosted by Dj CUTMAN.

This Week in Chiptune streams live at 3PM Eastern Time on Twitch and Youtube.

Today, Chiptune can be heard everywhere, from pop anthems to indie video games. Chiptune music is sometimes referred to as 8-bit, chiptunes or chipmusic. Traditionally, Chiptune music is programmed using software called a Tracker. Because of this, Chiptune music sounds unique to other forms of Electronic music.

This Week in Chiptune, Live!

twitch-logo-blackTWiC airs live on Saturday afternoon at 3PM (EDT) on Twitch.tv and YouTube. Tuning in live has a number of benefits, including a live chat with Dj CUTMAN and the TWiC community, and free access to unreleased content via the After Parties.

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patreon220TWiC would not be possible without the support of its listeners on Patreon. Patreon is an incredible site that gives you the opportunity to directly support creative projects and their creators.

Pledge to become a Patron, and your pledge will be paid to Dj CUTMAN each time there’s a new episode of TWiC. Pledges support essential aspects of the show, like bandwidth and music, and Patrons are rewarded with downloadable After Parties and more. Check out TWiC on Patreon.


If you’re a chip-musician or chiptune connoisseur, suggest new tunes for TWiC by tweeting to Dj CUTMAN @VideoGameDJ

A weekly mix of Chiptune, 8-Bit and Internet Music, hosted by Dj CUTMAN