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Chiptune scene is a world-wide scene. Here is a list of  websites, record labels and netlabels that release to chiptune music. This page is a Work-In-Progress, if you know a site that should be added, leave a comment!

Note: For a thorough list of all known chiptune netlabels, visit the Chiptunes = WIN Facebook Group.

Labels and Netlabels

GameChopsGameChops – Video game remix label founded by Dj CUTMAN. GameChops releases licensed remix albums and free mixtapes inspired by VGM chiptunes. []
ubiktuneUbiktune – Started in 2006, Ubiktune is one of the most notable chiptune record labels. Current direction of the label is music based on progressive, jazz, fusion and funk elements. []
Cheap BeatsCheap Beats – A netlabel and semi regular Chip Music showcase held in Tokyo hosted by Lazerbeat and Cheapshot. Cheap Beats is also a sponsor of the Square Sounds chiptune festival. []
Data AirlinesData Airlines – A label founded by Dubmood focused on retro-gaming, indie electronics, and retro-future design, founded in 2006. []
1782603_3008bitpeoples – New York based netlabel offers their entire catalog for free download from their website. Notable acts include Bit Shifter, Nullsleep and Knife City. []
8static8Static – Philadelphia based record label produces high-quality chiptune music by the artists who perform within Philadelphia. []
Chiptunes = WINChiptunes = WIN – Netlabel that releases free chiptune compilations, themed albums and other chip-related projects from artists around the world. []
BleepstreetBleepstreet – Berlin based record label for chiptune and lo-fi music. Features artists like Henry Homesweet and C-Trix. []
pause music logoPause Music – Netlabel home to artists like Diasterpeace and Shnabubula, Pause no longer releases new music, but their entire catalog is available for download. []

CouCou Netlabel
56kbps Records

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