TWiC 194: RoboRob Guest Mix – Outer Space EDM / VGM

Guest DJ RoboRob brings us a out of this world mix of video game remixes and deep house, electro, dubstep, and EDM tunes!

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0:00    RoboRob    Bowser’s Castle [Super Mario World]
3:24    Ben Briggs    Trash FM (RoboRob Remix)
4:47    RoboRob    Leave Me Behind (Original Mix)
6:19    Arthur X Medic X RoboRob    We’re Finally Here (Donkey Kong Country 2)
8:36    Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr Ft. Beardyman    Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (RoboRob Remix)
11:08    RoboRob    L (Original Mix)
14:21    RoboRob    P (Original Mix)
16:54    RoboRob    S (Original Mix)
19:32    RoboRob    D (Original Mix)
22:19    RoboRob    No Words To Comfort Thee (Chrono Trigger Frog’s Theme)
24:35    Nokae x RoboRob    Kono Sekai (Original Mix)
26:54    Deadmau5    Some Chords (RoboRob Remix)
28:55    Overwatch OST    Eichenwalde Theme (RoboRob Electro Remix)
30:30    Overwatch OST    We Move Together As One (RoboRob Remix)
32:31    RoboRob    Factory Preset [Donkey Kong Country]
33:53    Send Off    Dead Air
35:07    RoboRob X YTCracker    Paint
38:19    Cult Classique X John Williams    Imperial Communique March (RoboRob Mashup)
40:06    Hyper Potions    Anime Bae (RoboRob Remix)
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