TWIC 025

025: Silnaye ft. Chrono Triggers, Tri Angles, NickelPUNK

The new EP from CouCou Netlabel, music from Tri Angles (formerly Smiletron), new singles from Dubmood, Shnabubula and She, and tracks from nickelPUNK’s remix EP.

This episode sponsored by: 8static, Chiptune music in Philadelphia. &

Chat transcript (warning: totally asinine)

Spamtron – Triangle Wave 1 (Dj CUTMAN Remix)
Tri Angles – RENEGADE
Tri Angles – STARGAZER
Silnaye feat Chrono Triggers – Beluga’s Attack
Silnaye feat Chrono Triggers – Amplify
Shnabubula – Name Entry
DalekSam & Potentialing – Heroes of our Age
Shintarou – nights last summer
nickelPUNK – Drive into the Sunset (Radionarcotix Remix)
Silnaye feat Chrono Triggers – Dazzling In Parties
nickelPUNK – Cruisin’ (Original Mix)
She – Easy Action
Silnaye feat Chrono Triggers – Hot Blue Neon
Dubmood – Simple Machine
Silnaye feat Chrono Triggers – Margarita Distortion
nickelPUNK – Drive into the Sunset (Original Mix)

– – DOWNLOADS – –…ep-coucou026/
Shnabubula – Shnabubula-cybersoccer-2099-09…at.+potentialing/…last-summer-2xlsdj
Djcutman – Spamtron-triangle-wave-1-dj