TWIC 034

034: halc, C-Jeff, Disasterpeace

A more chilled out set tonight, some video game music from halc and DJ Super Sonic. We’ve got the new new album by C-Jeff (Ubiktune), and singles from Shirobon, Disasterpeace and Fearofdark.

DJ Super Sonic – The Fastest Thing Alive (excerpt)
Jethimself – Become an Expert
halc – Explode in Place (Bomberman 64)
halc – Oversaturated (Kaleidoscope)
CosmoBG – Return of Mr. X (Streets of Rage Remix)
C-Jeff – Momo’s Truck Stop
halc – Nostalgic Memories (Dark Cloud)
C-Jeff – Love on the Wheels
C-Jeff – A Thousand Bridges
halc – The Never Ending Legend (Zelda)
Shirobon – Regain Control
Fearofdark – Extrasolar
Disasterpeace – our limbs lost in the distance
halc – Choose Your Name Wisely (EarthBound)
Synchretik – Rocket Space
Raddons – It’s Not You
Jredd – Smells Like Weird Bananas

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