030: 8Static Festival

This week we have an special episode featuring all the acts that played at this weekend’s 8Static Festival here in Philadelphia. Curator Emily Feder joins us and tells us a bit about why she chose these artists for what’s being called the next Blip Festival.

Note: Due to the size and format of this episode, I am unable to provide download links for tracks. For more information on these artists visit www.8staticfestival.com

Dj CUTMAN – Something About Us [8-Bit Daft Punk Remix]
SKGB – The Further Adventures of ObamaBass in Neo Mumbai
Ro-bear – I Want You Back
Corset Lore – The Cloma
AdamGetsAwesome – Utopias (excerpt)
An0va – anima
Bit Shifter – Easy Prey
Disasterpeace – Jump Error
Rainbowdragoneyes – The Blade Chose Me
A_Rival – Break Ya Neck
Decktonic – Perihelion
XC3N – CH3CK17
Baron Knoxburry – Bediddle Stump Thrusters
exileFaker – Organelle
Nullsleep – Promo Mix 2010 (excerpt)
Chipocrite – Little Computer People
Animal Style – Antibiotics Bitch
Cheap Dinosaurs – Gnip Gnop
Radlib – March of the Whoompleotides
SSD Engage – MoZZa
Danimal Cannon – Good Journey
Bubblyfish – Monologue
Void Vision – Sour (8-Bit Version)
Trey Frey – Airglow
glomag – Subido
Saskrotch – Rex Rocket Trailer
Knife City (LikeLuke) – That’s My Jam!
Chibi-Tech – Love is Insecurable

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