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TWiC 194: RoboRob Guest Mix – Outer Space EDM / VGM

Guest DJ RoboRob brings us a out of this world mix of video game remixes and deep house, electro, dubstep, and EDM tunes!

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183: Mega-Sized Chiptune, Gaming & EDM Mix

An extended episode of new and unreleased music from GameChops, new singles from Jozu, a new compilation from Cheapbeats and a whole lot more!

I’m taking a break for the month of April to move to a new place, and there will be no new episodes of TWiC for April 2017. Wwhile I’m gone, head over to the TWiC YouTUbe or website and enjoy our massive back catalog. If you’re on YouTube, hit those Like and Share buttons on your favorite episodes, it really does help! The show will return with a new schedule, Saturdays at 4PM EDT, starting on May 6th.

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052: One Year of TWiC!

March 27th 2014 – It’s the 52nd episode special! 52 consecutive Wednesdays I’ve been broadcasting chiptunes, wow! I share some new tunes by Coda, TDK, James Landino, and revisit some of my favorites from the past year. Chat transcript – http://textdump.net/read/4517/

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012: Jake Kaufman, Auxcide, Superspink

gahhh hotel wifi why u so bad @ SGC

Robo Rob – Never Going Back
Dubmood – Change (Radio Edit)
Auxcide – Perihelion [ Decktonic’s Cosmic Workout Remix ]
Auxcide – Ellipse [ Parallelis Rellipse Remix ]
Jake Kaufman – Dalmatian Station (It Gets Better Mix)
Superspink – Like Lightning
Jake Kaufman – The Afterblaze
Jake Kaufman – The Afterblaze (BONUS CHIP MIX)
Jake Kaufman – Title (Mighty Switch Force 2)
Mykah – Bleep Culture
Superspink – Cosmic Vengeance
Mykah – 8 Bit Nation
Jake Kaufman – Tally Screen
Jake Kaufman – Soak Patrol Alpha
Cyran – Track & Field (Original Mix) [Play Me Free]
Auxcide – Selene_Eos [ Auxcide Brute Mix ]
Auxcide – Aphelion [ Mega Flare Remix ]
Planetary Confinement – Unbound Desperation