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094: Keiji Yamagishi, Kubbi, Kawaii 8bit

We’ll hear the new album from norwegian chiptune musician Kubbi. Music from Keiji Yamagishi (Brave Wave) from Japan, he is the composer from many classic Nintendo soundtracks, like Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Bowl. We’ll also head to Orlando, Flordia to hear Kawaii 8bit’s Play It Loud: Year One compilation.

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014: Starship Amazing, Yoann Turpin, Overclocked Remix

Recorded live on Mixify July 4th 2013.

Hitboxx – Phantasy Star
H33llxz – Java
Dualtrax – Super RobCo Disco Battle (Beta)
Starship Amazing – Born Radical
Starship Amazing – The Bone King Has Taken Control
Starship Amazing – Funky Boy In Robo World
Yoann Turpin – Bitjam
Yoann Turpin – Rhythm’n’Bits Strings Medley
Yoann Turpin – Retro Brother
Yoann Turpin – After the Game
halc – Aggressive Blue Magic (Strago)
Yoann Turpin – Black Mage’s Village (Remix from Final Fantasy 9)
posu yan – river of sine waves (The Serpent Trench)
H33llxz – Pachelbel’s Canon (Dj CUTMAN Chiptune Hiphop Remix)
Disco Dan – Humble Beginnings, Great Expectations (The Prelude)
Rushjet1 – Wily Castle Level 2 (Dj CUTMAN Club Edit)

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