041: Mega Ran, K-Murdock (Forever Famicom Special)

Tonight we interview Mega Ran on his Forever Famicom series, originally started in 2010. It’s a collaborative concept album featuring lyrics by Mega Ran and music by K-Murdock, just released the 4th (and final?) album in the series, “DLC3”.

For The Gamers feat. Int 80 and Schaffer the Darklord _Duck Tales
The Girl with the Make-Up feat. Ariano _Kirby’s Dreamland
Episode III (A New Day) _Mega Man
Galaxies _Metroid
Hero Muzik feat. Ilyas of Tanya Morgan _LOZ Adventure of Link
Nerdcore Died_!_ feat. MC Lars _F-Zero
Priceless (Doc Tanaka Remix) _Kid Icarus
By Your Side _Donkey Kong Country 2
The Ruler’s Back _Final Fantasy VI
The Baddest _Bad Dudes
Dracula’s Curse _Castlevania 3
Yoshi _SMW 2_ Yoshi’s Island
Shoulders Of Giants ft. Mister Wilson _Bubble Bobble
Ryu Hayabusa ft. Tribe One _Ninja Gaiden
Alive _Shadowgate

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