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TWiC 190: 101% Video Game Trance (bLiNd Guest Mix)

A guest mix by Las Vegas video game remixing veteran, bLiNd! This mix was made to support his Patreon campaign, where his patrons will receive a 101 track compilation album of all his remixes – Patreon.com/bLiNd

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TWiC 152: Dj CUTMAN Summer Tour Collection

A special kind of episode tonight, I showcase some of the music I’m bringing with me on tour this summer! Much of it is from video game remix label GameChops. Hope you enjoy!

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041: Mega Ran, K-Murdock (Forever Famicom Special)

Tonight we interview Mega Ran on his Forever Famicom series, originally started in 2010. It’s a collaborative concept album featuring lyrics by Mega Ran and music by K-Murdock, just released the 4th (and final?) album in the series, “DLC3”.

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036: Kenobit, spOOked, Mega Flare

Game music and Chiptune metal tonight. Maverick from Mega Flare, Kenobit’s self titled album and the massive new album from sp00ked. Topped off with chiptune-influenced house music from Mykah and Ben Briggs.

Mega Flare – Zero Tolerance (Zero’s Theme – Mega Man X2)
Kenobit – Burning Chrome
spOOked – Cincylvaina
Kenobit – Hokuto no Kenobit
Mega Flare – Climb The Tower (Boomer Kuwanger – Mega Man X)
spOOked – Waffle Bottom Girls
Mykah – Bitcrushed
Jankenpop – Noog
Kenobit – Nightmare
Kenobit – Buffer Overflow
Kenobit – Turboparallax
sp00ked – Naptime in North Korea
Mega Flare – The Right Doctor (Dr. Light – Mega Man X)
Mykah – Degrading
Benjamin Briggs – Super Mario Kart – Koopa Vacation
Benjamin Briggs – Mario Kart 64 – See You Next Time!
sp00ked – Celebrity Meat Product ®
sp00ked – Don’t shake dat noodle!
Kenobit – South of Heaven