TWiC 107: Video Game Music, Yoann Turpin, Red&Green

107: Video Game Music, Yoann Turpin, Red&Green

Tonight’s show is full of video game covers, from Shovel Knight to Splatoon to Ducktales and Yooka-Laylee! We’ll also hear music from Italian chiptuner Red&Green, french musician Yoann Turpin, and Russian chip-musician Kola Kid, plus game composers BigGiantCircles and Alex Wiklund!

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James Landino – High Above The Land (Shovel Knight Remix)
Trey Frey – Show Me (RoBKTA Final Boss Remix)
AlexWiklund – Throttle Wide Open (RoccoW Remix)
BigGiantCircles – The Peyton Conspiracy
Masta Blastya – Cosmic Fire
Red&Green – Jungle Challenge ( Yooka-Laylee)
Yoann Turpin – Dark Forest
Yoann Turpin – Slikk Sun Time
Yoann Turpin – President Hoodie
Rotolotto – Spaces Wild
Arcien – Ducktales OST – Moon Theme (Hardstyle Remix)
Kola Kid – Final Cut
Maxo – Reach You (SHY GUYS REMIX)
Nelward – Splatoon Main Theme (SNES-ey Remix)
Red&Green – Imaginary Title Theme

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