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TWiC 200: Groundbreakers & Skyscrapers

For the grand finale of This Week in Chiptune, I selected 200 of my favorite chiptune and chip-inspired tracks from a pool of over 7000; my entire collection of singles, albums and compilations that were sourced to create the series. I’ve included some historic and groundbreaking tracks from the chiptune scene, some of these songs stretch back almost a decade. I’ve also include tracks by musicians and producers who’ve taken the chiptune to new heights. There are also some of my personal favorites and mainstay musicians of TWiC. Thank you so much for the last 5 years and two hundred incredible episodes; a special thank you to all my patrons on Patreon for making it possible.

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TWiC 161: GameChops Video Game Remix Roundup

New video game remixes and game inspired music from my record label GameChops! Games like Overwatch, MegaMan, Sonic the Hedgehog, Zelda and more, including some unreleased gems! Be sure to check out GameChops on youtube!

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TWiC 152: Dj CUTMAN Summer Tour Collection

A special kind of episode tonight, I showcase some of the music I’m bringing with me on tour this summer! Much of it is from video game remix label GameChops. Hope you enjoy!

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TWiC 135: Undertale, Dance Music, and Heavy Metal

A huge show tonight, remixes of hit indie game Undertale, new Chiptune inspired EDM from Ninty9Lives, a new single from Danimal Cannon and a whole lot more!

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TWiC 128: Future Chip Game Music

Future Bass, chiptune trap and video game music from Floor Baba, James Landino, Dj-Jo, Storz ( Cheap Beats ) and Case Portman.

 – – TRACKLIST – –
00:00     James Landino – Hopes and Dreams (Undertale Remix)
03:18     dj-Jo – Fairy Fountain (Zelda Remix)
08:29     FLOOR BABA – w a t e r t e m p l e
15:57     Storz – Sentinel
18:28     Storz – Ambush
22:12     FLOOR BABA – I Am Not A DJ
26:00     GOJII – Alliebear
29:34     CasePortman – Rockin’ Ronin
33:41     CasePortman – Funkitty
36:29     CasePortman – Do You Know How to Run Left?
39:58     FLOOR BABA – B E A C H S H A D E
42:14     FLOOR BABA – s l e e p s p o r e
45:42     FLOOR BABA – The Nope Slope
52:03     CasePortman – Samurai Blitz
53:58     CasePortman – Ceramic Dreams
55:41     FarK – Lille Pille (Feat. Sacio)
1:01:44     GOJII – Stag Bus (Feat. Fox Machine Gun)

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125: VLAD II & Killer Compilations

We hear the new Castlevania EP from Joshua Morse via GameChops, plus some killer compilations from Ben Briggs, Chiptunes = WIN / MicroCollective, Battle of the Bits and Chip Bit Sid / SuperByte Festival!

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107: Video Game Music, Yoann Turpin, Red&Green

Tonight’s show is full of video game covers, from Shovel Knight to Splatoon to Ducktales and Yooka-Laylee! We’ll also hear music from Italian chiptuner Red&Green, french musician Yoann Turpin, and Russian chip-musician Kola Kid, plus game composers BigGiantCircles and Alex Wiklund!

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