TWiC 112: Pterodactyl Squad, Shnabubula, Cheapshot, Bknapp

112: Pterodactyl Squad, Shnabubula, Cheapshot, Bknapp

A chill episode, Super Nintendo inspired music from Bknapp and Shnabubula, deep Nanoloop house from Cheapshot, tracks from DDRKirby(ISQ) and Nitro Pulse, and the new compilation from Pterodactyl Squad!

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Bknapp – Game Over
Bknapp – Mission Complete
Bknapp – Triforce Chamber
Bknapp – Aquatic Ambience
Bknapp – Princess Peach is Rescued
Shnabubula – The Story Begins (Final Fantasy VI Instruments)
Shnabubula – A Solemn Decision (Terranigma Instruments)
Shnabubula – Hands of Fate (Chrono Trigger/FFVI/Terranigma Instruments)
Cheapshot – Adamantium
Cheapshot – Bismuth
Cheapshot – Pyrite
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Rhythm Gunner [BASS Gun]
DDRKirby(ISQ) – Lock N Load
Nitro Pulse – expired film
Nitro Pulse – time flys
Pterodactyl Squad – Overworld 1 – lpower
Pterodactyl Squad – My Will Be Done – EvilWezil
Pterodactyl Squad – Karakuri Night – TQ-Jam
Pterodactyl Squad – Meadows of a Dilapidated Utopia – Fragger2040
Shnabubula – I Dreamed a Dream (Final Fantasy VI Instruments)