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183: Mega-Sized Chiptune, Gaming & EDM Mix

An extended episode of new and unreleased music from GameChops, new singles from Jozu, a new compilation from Cheapbeats and a whole lot more!

I’m taking a break for the month of April to move to a new place, and there will be no new episodes of TWiC for April 2017. Wwhile I’m gone, head over to the TWiC YouTUbe or website and enjoy our massive back catalog. If you’re on YouTube, hit those Like and Share buttons on your favorite episodes, it really does help! The show will return with a new schedule, Saturdays at 4PM EDT, starting on May 6th.

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TWiC 157: Meganeko, Tri Angles, Cheap Shot, Little Sound Assembly

New chiptune electro from MegaNeko (Hyperwave Records), Little Sound Assembly’s new compilation celebrating their 2016 festival, Cheap Shot with deep house from Japanese label Cheap Beats, and Tri Angles with 8-bit drum and bass via The Base Bit Records.

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104: Ultrasyd, Sabrepulse, A_Rival, Glenntai, She

An epic show of chiptune dance music! New albums from A_Rival and Tiasu, remix albums from Sabrepulse and Glenntai, a new EP from She, and a new track from Monstercat artists Kevin Villecco & Sushi Killer, now known as Hyper Potions!

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103: Maxo, Zalza, Mega Flare

Three knock-out albums tonight, Chordslayer by Maxo, Superposition by Zalza, and Main Course by Mega Flare! We’ll also hear singles from CheapBeats and TWiC’s own Chjolo!

Mega Flare – Bibimbap (feat. Protoflight)
Mega Flare – Yakisoba (feat. Kommisar)
Mega Flare – General Tso (feat. STAR☆DRIVER)
Mega Flare – Sushi (feat. DBOYD)
Maxo – Reach You
Maxo – Sunset BB feat. meesh
Maxo – Honeybell
Maxo – Mediumrare
Zalza – Douchebag Rumble
Zalza – Window Of Opportunities
Zalza – Emilia’s Wonderland
Two Games One Boy – Yarara
Zalza – Just Clowning Around
Zalza – Waves Of Energy
Zalza – Serotonin
Chjolo – Gustaberg (Final Fantasy XI Remix)