092: Rockage, Frequency Festival

We’ll hear music from two upcoming Chiptune & Video Game Music events, Rockage in San Jose, and LA’s Frequency Festival. The compilations are both free to download on Bandcamp.

Petriform – Vanilla Extract
Grimecraft – Pokéace ft. Kevin Villecco
Mega Ran – Sock Hop
Fighter X – Vibrance
Crashfaster – Goodbye
Boaconstructor – Star Twerk
Grimecraft – Missing U
Petriform – Coastal
Meishi Smile – Star
The Mineral Kingdom – Detour of Duty by The Mineral Kingdom
Extend of the Jam – Into The Void by Extent of the Jam
The Kevin Gnartinez Band – Heatwave
Shoujo Kiss – It’s Only Goodbye (Remix)
ParallaxScroll – Sleep Paralysis fade
Chalkboards – Whitewash
Mega Ran – Infinite Lives ft. D&D Sluggers


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