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092: Rockage, Frequency Festival

We’ll hear music from two upcoming Chiptune & Video Game Music events, Rockage in San Jose, and LA’s Frequency Festival. The compilations are both free to download on Bandcamp.

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074: Men of Mega, she, E.N.Cowell, ocean palace

First half of tonight’s show is chiptune house and dance music from She, Phonetic Hero, Ben Briggs and Men of Mega. Then we chill out with some jams by E.N.Cowell, and Ocean Palace. We’ll also get a sneak peak into the upcoming CheapBeats = WIN, a collaborative album from Chiptunes = WIN and Tokyo’s CheapBeats netlabel.

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070: Inverse Phase, Remute, GameChops

It’s a blast for the 70th episode! Exclusive tracks from Dj CUTMAN, Grimecraft and Kevin Villecco, new music from Fighter X, Ben Briggs, Bleepstreet Records, and new remixes of Zircon ft. Jillian Aversa and Crashfaster.

We’re pushing hard on our Patreon to reach $200 by the time we’re back in September! Pledge to support TWiC!

Patrons can access the After Party at this link.

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