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092: Rockage, Frequency Festival

We’ll hear music from two upcoming Chiptune & Video Game Music events, Rockage in San Jose, and LA’s Frequency Festival. The compilations are both free to download on Bandcamp.

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081: Monomer, Graz, IAYD, MisfitChris

A progressive show tonight, starting with atmospheric chiptunes from DDRKirby(ISQ), MisfitChris + Porshie Fufu (Data Airlines), and Monomer (Ubiktune / Telefuture). The second half of the show features Chiptunes written with the LSDj software and made on a Nintendo Gameboy. Chiptunes from Graz (Data Fruits), Shoujo Kiss (MAGIC YUME Records) and the full-length debut from IAYD (The Base Bit Recordings).

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