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TWiC Bundle of Chiptune Albums!

Cutman here! I’ve teamed up with Groupees to create a special bundle of chiptune albums from musicians I’ve featured on the show. As the bundle sells, additional albums and bonus content is unlocked for everybody!

The TWiC Bundle features 7 great Chiptune albums from artists like ShirobonAuxcideMega Flare, and Professor Shyguy. TWiC Bundle does good too,  a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Direct Relief charity.  Better act quick, The TWiC Bundle only runs for two weeks.

TWiC Bundle


051: Super Marcato Bros, halc, Galaxy Wolf

Epsiode 51, only one week till the anniversary show! Tonight we hear from Super Marcato Bros, two brothers who’ve put together an original MegaMan-style album in Famitracker. We’ll also listen to Futuristica by halc, Spacetime Geometry by Galaxy Wolf ( Cheap Beats ), and Life Path by Hide Your Tigers. Singles come from TDK, Dj PIE, Jredd & Groovemaster303, and Auxcide.

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016: Chiptunes = WIN, Misift Chris, Storm Blooper

Mega double wide episode this week. Awesome new albums and the massive Chiptunes = WIN Volume 2!

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012: Jake Kaufman, Auxcide, Superspink

gahhh hotel wifi why u so bad @ SGC

Robo Rob – Never Going Back
Dubmood – Change (Radio Edit)
Auxcide – Perihelion [ Decktonic’s Cosmic Workout Remix ]
Auxcide – Ellipse [ Parallelis Rellipse Remix ]
Jake Kaufman – Dalmatian Station (It Gets Better Mix)
Superspink – Like Lightning
Jake Kaufman – The Afterblaze
Jake Kaufman – The Afterblaze (BONUS CHIP MIX)
Jake Kaufman – Title (Mighty Switch Force 2)
Mykah – Bleep Culture
Superspink – Cosmic Vengeance
Mykah – 8 Bit Nation
Jake Kaufman – Tally Screen
Jake Kaufman – Soak Patrol Alpha
Cyran – Track & Field (Original Mix) [Play Me Free]
Auxcide – Selene_Eos [ Auxcide Brute Mix ]
Auxcide – Aphelion [ Mega Flare Remix ]
Planetary Confinement – Unbound Desperation