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111: C-jeff, GameChops, Laffe The Fox, Dollfin

We’ll hear great new music tonight from Hyper Potions and Subtact off Monstercat, Chipzel’s new release from DataAirlines, new music from Dollfin (Kawaii 8bit), Laffe the Fox, and the new GameChops Splatoon remix album, Splatunes!

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079: Ultrasyd, Rakohus, Yoann Turpin

New chiptune music from around the world! From the United States we’ll hear from Mega Flare from Baltimore with a Castlevania remix and Philadelphia’s Rakohus with his brand of wonderful chiptune cover songs. Heading overseas to Europe we’ll hear French chip-musicians Ultrasyd and Yoann Turpin. Ultrasyd brings us an incredible EP of Atari dance music off the Berlin based label Bleepstreet. Yoann Turpin delivers a high quality chiptune jazz album releases via Ubiktune. Lastly we head to the far east for Japanese chiptune songs from hydden(ReChip).

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TWiC Bundle of Chiptune Albums!

Cutman here! I’ve teamed up with Groupees to create a special bundle of chiptune albums from musicians I’ve featured on the show. As the bundle sells, additional albums and bonus content is unlocked for everybody!

The TWiC Bundle features 7 great Chiptune albums from artists like ShirobonAuxcideMega Flare, and Professor Shyguy. TWiC Bundle does good too,  a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Direct Relief charity.  Better act quick, The TWiC Bundle only runs for two weeks.

TWiC Bundle


045: Shirobon, Doctor Popular, Sabrepulse

New music from Rushjet1 and Shirobon, we revisit Sabrepulse’s Turbo City which was uploaded to Bandcamp this week, and hear singles from uCollective.org. Also remixes of IAYD, Anamanaguchi and halc.

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036: Kenobit, spOOked, Mega Flare

Game music and Chiptune metal tonight. Maverick from Mega Flare, Kenobit’s self titled album and the massive new album from sp00ked. Topped off with chiptune-influenced house music from Mykah and Ben Briggs.

Mega Flare – Zero Tolerance (Zero’s Theme – Mega Man X2)
Kenobit – Burning Chrome
spOOked – Cincylvaina
Kenobit – Hokuto no Kenobit
Mega Flare – Climb The Tower (Boomer Kuwanger – Mega Man X)
spOOked – Waffle Bottom Girls
Mykah – Bitcrushed
Jankenpop – Noog
Kenobit – Nightmare
Kenobit – Buffer Overflow
Kenobit – Turboparallax
sp00ked – Naptime in North Korea
Mega Flare – The Right Doctor (Dr. Light – Mega Man X)
Mykah – Degrading
Benjamin Briggs – Super Mario Kart – Koopa Vacation
Benjamin Briggs – Mario Kart 64 – See You Next Time!
sp00ked – Celebrity Meat Product ®
sp00ked – Don’t shake dat noodle!
Kenobit – South of Heaven