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8Static Festival 2017

I had the pleasure of running the stream for 8Static, an international chiptune festival that takes place in Philadelphia every year! I also had the opportunity to post a couple sets from the fest on the TWiC youtube channel, check out Flow Mein and Roboctopus, two incredible gameboy chiptune musicians.

If you wanted to access the whole fest, you can pledge as little as $1/month on the new 8static patreon, help support an awesome music event, and get access to the private database of show recordings that I am personally editing and uploading this week!

Flow Mein ~ Twitter // Soundcloud

Roboctopus ~ Bandcamp // Spotify // Twitter

MAGFest 13 Chiptune Showcase

One of the largest Chiptune shows of all time was held at this year’s MAGFest in Washington, DC. MAGFest is The Music and Gaming Festival, a non-profit company that hosts video game music events across the United States.

This year, Chiptune netlabel Chiptunes = WIN teamed up with the crew from Philadelphia’s Chiptune eventĀ 8Static to host a Chiptune concert on MAGFest’s main stage. The show featured some of the hottest chiptune performers, including Danimal Cannon, Trey Frey, and Jake “Virt” Kaufman.

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