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179: Data Airlines – Synthwave, Progressive, and Deep Chiptune

Episode 179 is dedicated to Data Airlines, the record label which grew out of the demo and crackscene of the early internet. Now run out of France and Sweden, DA is known for their beautiful physical releases, like cassette tapes and vinyl. On this episode we’ll hear their new compilation ST-FM, along with some recent albums from Makeup and Vanity Set, Goto80, and 2xAA.

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091: Weekly Treats 2014 Review

This episode takes a look back and some of the incredible Chiptune tracks released as party of Weekly Treats year in 2014. Weekly Treats is a netlabel that puts out a free exclusive single each week. Check out new singles at WeeklyTreats.net, and past years on Bandcamp.

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090: Toy Company, Balloonbear, Rainbowdragoneyes, Awesome Force

High energy episode! Chiptune pirate metal from Rainbowdragoneyes, chippy dance music from Balloonbear, tracks off of Toy Company’s “chipspeech AUTOMATE SONGS .01”, and new music from Awesome Force and (T-T)b! Singles from Grimecraft, Ben Briggs and Kenobit!

Kenobit – Disco Sanwa 2014
Rainbowdragoneyes – Hook The Plank
Rainbowdragoneyes – Chipwrecked ( Alestrom )
Balloonbear – Digital Detox
Balloonbear – Forever Online
Balloonbear – Born To Lose ( Reboot Me Remix )
Rushjet1 – Title ( Mega Man II )
C-jeff – Round and Round feat. Raz Ben Ari
Coda – Fresh, Never Frozen
GOTO80 – Crossword Puzzle
Pocaille – The Future Is Over
StarStorm – Sky Woah feat. RoBKTA
Awesome Force – Dinosaurs
Rainbowdragoneyes – Binged And Bit-Purged ( The Dread Crew )
Awesome Force – Pale Blue Dot
(T-T)b – dogs.jpg
(T-T)b – Weird Friends
Grimecraft – Missing U
Ben Briggs – I Believe In You
Potato-Tan – Please Notice Me, Onee-San!


067: Breakbeat Heartbeat, Noisewaves, GOTO80

July 9th 2014 – New music from Groovemaster303 & Jredd, chilled out chiptunes from Breakbeat Heartbeat, the new release from GOTO80 off the Data Airlines label, the full-length album from Noisewaves and the debut from Star Driver.

Tonight’s Sponsor was Firebelly Studios! Check out their game TEMPORUS on Kickstarter. It’s a sci-fi indie game with music by C-Jeff!

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042: Bleepstreet, Dubmood, Cheap Dinosaurs

This week we’ve got Music Disk #1 from Bleepstreet, new albums from Cheap Dinosaurs (8static), Please Lose Battle (Pterodactyl Squad), and Dubmood (Data Airlines).

Tonight’s Sponsor: Rain World, an indie game with music by James of Bright Primate. Check out their Kickstarter:
Project Rain World

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039: Christmas Special “This Week In Christmas”

Merry Happy Christmas! This week we’ll hear music from Christmas and holiday themed albums and compilations, including ChipWINter, Merry Chipmas 2011 and 8bitpeople’s The 8bits of Christmas. New music from Professor Shyguy, Sabrepulse, and yours truly. Happy Holidays!

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