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GameChops LogoGameChops is a label that produces professional-grade video game remixes on Loudr and iTunes.

070: Inverse Phase, Remute, GameChops

It’s a blast for the 70th episode! Exclusive tracks from Dj CUTMAN, Grimecraft and Kevin Villecco, new music from Fighter X, Ben Briggs, Bleepstreet Records, and new remixes of Zircon ft. Jillian Aversa and Crashfaster.

We’re pushing hard on our Patreon to reach $200 by the time we’re back in September! Pledge to support TWiC!

Patrons can access the After Party at this link.

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063: Year of the Yoshi, DefiantSystems, RetroDigital

June 11th 2014 – While I was at E3 I managed to connect to the expo center’s ethernet and upload this mix of new chiptune music I made on the flight from Philadelphia. It includes Year of the Yoshi from GameChops, new music by Defiant Systems, a Cave Story remix album by RetroDigital, and lots more.

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049: Professor Shyguy, Henry Homesweet, Brave Wave

It’s my birthday! Chiptune pop covers by Professor Shyguy and deep atari house from Henry Homesweet. We’ll hear Musho’s EP from Cheap Beats, and the new album In Flux from Brave Wave (formerly Koopa Soundworks)

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036: Kenobit, spOOked, Mega Flare

Game music and Chiptune metal tonight. Maverick from Mega Flare, Kenobit’s self titled album and the massive new album from sp00ked. Topped off with chiptune-influenced house music from Mykah and Ben Briggs.

Mega Flare – Zero Tolerance (Zero’s Theme – Mega Man X2)
Kenobit – Burning Chrome
spOOked – Cincylvaina
Kenobit – Hokuto no Kenobit
Mega Flare – Climb The Tower (Boomer Kuwanger – Mega Man X)
spOOked – Waffle Bottom Girls
Mykah – Bitcrushed
Jankenpop – Noog
Kenobit – Nightmare
Kenobit – Buffer Overflow
Kenobit – Turboparallax
sp00ked – Naptime in North Korea
Mega Flare – The Right Doctor (Dr. Light – Mega Man X)
Mykah – Degrading
Benjamin Briggs – Super Mario Kart – Koopa Vacation
Benjamin Briggs – Mario Kart 64 – See You Next Time!
sp00ked – Celebrity Meat Product ®
sp00ked – Don’t shake dat noodle!
Kenobit – South of Heaven