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100: Cutman’s Favorite Chiptune Dance Music

It’s the 100th Episode of This Week in Chiptune! To celebrate, I played a three hour set of my favorite chiptune dance music (the third hour got kind of laid back and chill!) Thank you to all my listeners and patrons for help us get to 100 episodes! Here’s to many more :D

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090: Toy Company, Balloonbear, Rainbowdragoneyes, Awesome Force

High energy episode! Chiptune pirate metal from Rainbowdragoneyes, chippy dance music from Balloonbear, tracks off of Toy Company’s “chipspeech AUTOMATE SONGS .01”, and new music from Awesome Force and (T-T)b! Singles from Grimecraft, Ben Briggs and Kenobit!

Kenobit – Disco Sanwa 2014
Rainbowdragoneyes – Hook The Plank
Rainbowdragoneyes – Chipwrecked ( Alestrom )
Balloonbear – Digital Detox
Balloonbear – Forever Online
Balloonbear – Born To Lose ( Reboot Me Remix )
Rushjet1 – Title ( Mega Man II )
C-jeff – Round and Round feat. Raz Ben Ari
Coda – Fresh, Never Frozen
GOTO80 – Crossword Puzzle
Pocaille – The Future Is Over
StarStorm – Sky Woah feat. RoBKTA
Awesome Force – Dinosaurs
Rainbowdragoneyes – Binged And Bit-Purged ( The Dread Crew )
Awesome Force – Pale Blue Dot
(T-T)b – dogs.jpg
(T-T)b – Weird Friends
Grimecraft – Missing U
Ben Briggs – I Believe In You
Potato-Tan – Please Notice Me, Onee-San!


088: Year in Review 2014

Happy New Year! Here’s my 2014 Year in Review, a mix of some of my favorite songs I’ve played over the last 52 weeks! It’s easy to support TWiC,
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Maxo – Tope Doge (Dj CUTMAN Cub Club Remix)
Zantilla – King Kombo
Dj CUTMAN – Yoshi’s House ft. James Landino
Warez Waldo – Intergalactic Intermissions
V-Axys – Blue Lagoon Incident
Ultrasyd – Silly Venture
Jredd & Groovemaster303 – Casino Funk Zone
Kenobit – Giorgio by Kenobit
Vince Kaichan – Saraday
James Landino – Hold My Hand ft. Andy Tunstall
xyce – nos petites femmes
Jake “Virt” Kaufman – Scuttle Town
Jake “Virt” Kaufman – Strike The Earth (Dj CUTMAN + Kevin Villecco Remix
Knife City – Precious Jewel (Sabrepulse Remix)
Sabrepulse – Skyfire Ace
Tetracase – Begin
IAYD – Too Turnt
Cheap Dinosaurs – 555
Chipocrite – Little Computer People (from 3P)
_ensnare_ – There is Always Love
Big Giant Circles – No Party Like a Mojang Party (_ensnare_ remix)
She – Distortia
Dj CUTMAN – Solfeggietto ft James Landino (from OldStyle)
Demoscene Time Machine – Kernel Panic
Henry Homesweet – Tombland
Tiasu – Monochrome
Toni Leys – Thunder Launcher (feat. Tee Lopes)
Trey Frey – Airglow
Fearofdark – Zoning Residential
James Landino – Another Sunday ft. The One Electronic
Rakohus – Wily’s Castle
George & Jonathan – Jamn
Yoann Turpin – Fair Play
Manami Matsumae – Rainy Day (Benjamin Briggs Remix)

057: Brave Wave, Protodome, George and Jonathan, Player Two

April 30th 2014 – Tonight we play catch up on some great albums from labels Brave Wave, Pterodactyl Squad, Electric City Outrun and Bleepstreet! Also new music from George and Jonathan, Kenobit, Koishistyle and Leaf.

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036: Kenobit, spOOked, Mega Flare

Game music and Chiptune metal tonight. Maverick from Mega Flare, Kenobit’s self titled album and the massive new album from sp00ked. Topped off with chiptune-influenced house music from Mykah and Ben Briggs.

Mega Flare – Zero Tolerance (Zero’s Theme – Mega Man X2)
Kenobit – Burning Chrome
spOOked – Cincylvaina
Kenobit – Hokuto no Kenobit
Mega Flare – Climb The Tower (Boomer Kuwanger – Mega Man X)
spOOked – Waffle Bottom Girls
Mykah – Bitcrushed
Jankenpop – Noog
Kenobit – Nightmare
Kenobit – Buffer Overflow
Kenobit – Turboparallax
sp00ked – Naptime in North Korea
Mega Flare – The Right Doctor (Dr. Light – Mega Man X)
Mykah – Degrading
Benjamin Briggs – Super Mario Kart – Koopa Vacation
Benjamin Briggs – Mario Kart 64 – See You Next Time!
sp00ked – Celebrity Meat Product ®
sp00ked – Don’t shake dat noodle!
Kenobit – South of Heaven