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TWiC 163: Future Bass to Death Metal

Some of the best music the internet has to offer! I catch up on tracks I missed in July and August with releases from Chipmusic Heroes, Ravertooth Tiger, Hyperwave Records, Popcorn Kid and Master Boot Record!

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TWiC 135: Undertale, Dance Music, and Heavy Metal

A huge show tonight, remixes of hit indie game Undertale, new Chiptune inspired EDM from Ninty9Lives, a new single from Danimal Cannon and a whole lot more!

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103: Maxo, Zalza, Mega Flare

Three knock-out albums tonight, Chordslayer by Maxo, Superposition by Zalza, and Main Course by Mega Flare! We’ll also hear singles from CheapBeats and TWiC’s own Chjolo!

Mega Flare – Bibimbap (feat. Protoflight)
Mega Flare – Yakisoba (feat. Kommisar)
Mega Flare – General Tso (feat. STAR☆DRIVER)
Mega Flare – Sushi (feat. DBOYD)
Maxo – Reach You
Maxo – Sunset BB feat. meesh
Maxo – Honeybell
Maxo – Mediumrare
Zalza – Douchebag Rumble
Zalza – Window Of Opportunities
Zalza – Emilia’s Wonderland
Two Games One Boy – Yarara
Zalza – Just Clowning Around
Zalza – Waves Of Energy
Zalza – Serotonin
Chjolo – Gustaberg (Final Fantasy XI Remix)