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042: Bleepstreet, Dubmood, Cheap Dinosaurs

This week we’ve got Music Disk #1 from Bleepstreet, new albums from Cheap Dinosaurs (8static), Please Lose Battle (Pterodactyl Squad), and Dubmood (Data Airlines).

Tonight’s Sponsor: Rain World, an indie game with music by James of Bright Primate. Check out their Kickstarter:
Project Rain World

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013: Electric Children, Roboctopus, Arcade High

trying out Livestream for video proved a little overwhelming.

Electric Children – Shanana
Roboctopus – Disco Text
Storm Blooper – Ginger Quest 64
Electric Children – When I’m With You (Instrumental)
Electric Children – Greatest Mistake (Instrumental)
Electric Children – Glasseater (Instrumental)
Electric Children – Doves
Electric Children – Pills and Needles
Roboctopus – Twisty Little Passages
Roboctopus – Pegasus Four
Roboctopus – Famous Last Birds
Roboctopus – Racer Hex
Arcade High – Up Down Left Right
Arcade High – Night of Genesis
Parallelis – Feline Aesthetics
Roboctopus – Dans Le Beurre
She – Come See Me