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TWiC 200: Groundbreakers & Skyscrapers

For the grand finale of This Week in Chiptune, I selected 200 of my favorite chiptune and chip-inspired tracks from a pool of over 7000; my entire collection of singles, albums and compilations that were sourced to create the series. I’ve included some historic and groundbreaking tracks from the chiptune scene, some of these songs stretch back almost a decade. I’ve also include tracks by musicians and producers who’ve taken the chiptune to new heights. There are also some of my personal favorites and mainstay musicians of TWiC. Thank you so much for the last 5 years and two hundred incredible episodes; a special thank you to all my patrons on Patreon for making it possible.

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143: Arcade High, Musho, Maxo, Casval/Damocles

The outstanding synthwave album from Arcade High “Kingdom” released be Telefuture, A new album from Musho released by CheapBeats, tunes from Maxo and video game remixes from Casval/Damocles. Support the show – http://patreon.com/djcutman

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076: Fearofdark, Telefuture, Danimal Cannon, Tri Angles

New albums from Fearofdark, Tri Angles, DDR Kirby(ISQ), and the netlabel Telefuture. Singles from Danimal Cannon, Masta Blastya, Jredd and Groovemaster303 and a new track from Radlib.
If you like the music on this show, remember to support the musicians who make it by buying their albums or following. Links includes below

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053: Chiptunes = WIN, Ben Briggs, Telefuture

Three awesome albums tonight. We’ve got chiptune house music off “The Patreon Collection” from Ben Briggs, a compilation of internet meme inspired tunes with “Chiptunes = #SrsBsns”, and retro-future 80s music from Telefuture, “Eternalist.”

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013: Electric Children, Roboctopus, Arcade High

trying out Livestream for video proved a little overwhelming.

Electric Children – Shanana
Roboctopus – Disco Text
Storm Blooper – Ginger Quest 64
Electric Children – When I’m With You (Instrumental)
Electric Children – Greatest Mistake (Instrumental)
Electric Children – Glasseater (Instrumental)
Electric Children – Doves
Electric Children – Pills and Needles
Roboctopus – Twisty Little Passages
Roboctopus – Pegasus Four
Roboctopus – Famous Last Birds
Roboctopus – Racer Hex
Arcade High – Up Down Left Right
Arcade High – Night of Genesis
Parallelis – Feline Aesthetics
Roboctopus – Dans Le Beurre
She – Come See Me


010: Pause, Telefuture, Chipmusic Heroes

Great music this week from xyce, Telefuture, virt, IAYD and Chipmusic Heroes! And we say goodbye to the netlabel Pause now that they’ve released 100 albums.
We also recorded the afterparty… Djcutman – Thisweek010ap

Jack Pearcy – Thoughts Sent North ( Dj CUTMAN Remix )
Thunder Fox – Familiar Dream
__twc – Eyes
she – Thousand Miles Away
XYCE – Ses Seins ( Monodeer’s italecto mix )
Spamtron – Dingus
Grimmy – Arcade Nights
Freq – Pixelated Sunshine
Arcade High – One Year Ago
halc & Miearth – Triangulation
virt – Bedtime Story
virt – Incident 01
virt – Choppastyle
Bright Primate – Space Opera
IAYD – Bury the Ratchet

– – LINKS – –
xyce – Holland ( xyce.bandcamp.com )
Telefuture – Netlabel ( telefuturenow.com )
virt – Los Angeles ( virt.bandcamp.com )
Chipmusic Heroes – Compilation ( chipmusicheroes.bandcamp.com )
Iayd – Burytheratchet