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TWiC 200: Groundbreakers & Skyscrapers

For the grand finale of This Week in Chiptune, I selected 200 of my favorite chiptune and chip-inspired tracks from a pool of over 7000; my entire collection of singles, albums and compilations that were sourced to create the series. I’ve included some historic and groundbreaking tracks from the chiptune scene, some of these songs stretch back almost a decade. I’ve also include tracks by musicians and producers who’ve taken the chiptune to new heights. There are also some of my personal favorites and mainstay musicians of TWiC. Thank you so much for the last 5 years and two hundred incredible episodes; a special thank you to all my patrons on Patreon for making it possible.

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TWiC 197: Classic Chiptune Hardware (Gameboy, NES and Genesis)

This episode we’re going to focus on hardware based chiptune music, including gameboy songs made with the homebrew rom LSDj, Nintendo-style music made with NES compatible program Famitracker, and FM Synthesis like the Sega Genesis! Fans of old PC games will be pleased to know we’ve got an album created entirely on the Sound Blaster 16, a soundcard for home computers released back in 1992. That’s what we’re going to hear first, by chiptune legend and Oxygen Star who got his start performing live drums at PAX East in Boston.

Want to make some chiptunes like these? Check out FamiTracker and LSDj!
~ http://famitracker.com/
~ http://littlesounddj.com/

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