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VARIETY: Episodes that flow through multiple styles and genres of chiptune music.

094: Keiji Yamagishi, Kubbi, Kawaii 8bit

We’ll hear the new album from norwegian chiptune musician Kubbi. Music from Keiji Yamagishi (Brave Wave) from Japan, he is the composer from many classic Nintendo soundtracks, like Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Bowl. We’ll also head to Orlando, Flordia to hear Kawaii 8bit’s Play It Loud: Year One compilation.

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092: Rockage, Frequency Festival

We’ll hear music from two upcoming Chiptune & Video Game Music events, Rockage in San Jose, and LA’s Frequency Festival. The compilations are both free to download on Bandcamp.

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091: Weekly Treats 2014 Review

This episode takes a look back and some of the incredible Chiptune tracks released as party of Weekly Treats year in 2014. Weekly Treats is a netlabel that puts out a free exclusive single each week. Check out new singles at WeeklyTreats.net, and past years on Bandcamp.

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088: Year in Review 2014

Happy New Year! Here’s my 2014 Year in Review, a mix of some of my favorite songs I’ve played over the last 52 weeks! It’s easy to support TWiC,
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Maxo – Tope Doge (Dj CUTMAN Cub Club Remix)
Zantilla – King Kombo
Dj CUTMAN – Yoshi’s House ft. James Landino
Warez Waldo – Intergalactic Intermissions
V-Axys – Blue Lagoon Incident
Ultrasyd – Silly Venture
Jredd & Groovemaster303 – Casino Funk Zone
Kenobit – Giorgio by Kenobit
Vince Kaichan – Saraday
James Landino – Hold My Hand ft. Andy Tunstall
xyce – nos petites femmes
Jake “Virt” Kaufman – Scuttle Town
Jake “Virt” Kaufman – Strike The Earth (Dj CUTMAN + Kevin Villecco Remix
Knife City – Precious Jewel (Sabrepulse Remix)
Sabrepulse – Skyfire Ace
Tetracase – Begin
IAYD – Too Turnt
Cheap Dinosaurs – 555
Chipocrite – Little Computer People (from 3P)
_ensnare_ – There is Always Love
Big Giant Circles – No Party Like a Mojang Party (_ensnare_ remix)
She – Distortia
Dj CUTMAN – Solfeggietto ft James Landino (from OldStyle)
Demoscene Time Machine – Kernel Panic
Henry Homesweet – Tombland
Tiasu – Monochrome
Toni Leys – Thunder Launcher (feat. Tee Lopes)
Trey Frey – Airglow
Fearofdark – Zoning Residential
James Landino – Another Sunday ft. The One Electronic
Rakohus – Wily’s Castle
George & Jonathan – Jamn
Yoann Turpin – Fair Play
Manami Matsumae – Rainy Day (Benjamin Briggs Remix)

084: Rushjet1, Dj CUTMAN, Ralfington Guest Mix

Mega Man 2 remixes from Rushjet1, new singles from Ben Briggs, KODEK, Phonetic Hero, and a couple from myself! Second half of the show is an epic chiptune inspired EDM guest mix by Ralfington, who was featured on Episode 059. Stick around to the end for previews of two unreleased video game remixes, one of Pokémon and one of Fantasy Life!

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083: Professor Shyguy, Alex Powrs, Fearofdark, Tetracase

Wonderful chiptunes from Mexico by Alex Powrs, chilled out chip-jazz from Fearofdark, and vocal chiptune cover songs by Professor Shyguy. Singles from VOIA, Phonetic Hero, and an Anamanaguchi remix by Tetracase.

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081: Monomer, Graz, IAYD, MisfitChris

A progressive show tonight, starting with atmospheric chiptunes from DDRKirby(ISQ), MisfitChris + Porshie Fufu (Data Airlines), and Monomer (Ubiktune / Telefuture). The second half of the show features Chiptunes written with the LSDj software and made on a Nintendo Gameboy. Chiptunes from Graz (Data Fruits), Shoujo Kiss (MAGIC YUME Records) and the full-length debut from IAYD (The Base Bit Recordings).

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080: Jake “virt” Kaufman, Benjamin Briggs, Overclocked Records

Video Game centric episode featuring music by Jake “virt” Kaufman (Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse), Overclocked Records (SIDfection), and video game remixer and composer Benjamin Briggs (Fearless Living). This week the After Party is public! Check it out on Soundcloud.

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